Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Conference’s Scope

The conference, now in its fourth year, is a forum for discussion for government representatives, academic society, physicians, patients, researchers, and pharmaceutical industry executives, to discuss innovative therapeutic approaches and cost-effective measures to the benefit of healthcare system and patients. The scope of the conference is to explore opportunities for greater multi-stakeholder cooperation and a more integrated approach to cancer care as key drivers to deliver sustainable and high-value care for patients. Best practices at a national and international level will contribute to the dialogue aiming at significantly improving cancer patient outcomes, fostering innovative research approaches, intensifying cancer prevention research efforts, and reducing the financial burden targeted to this disease.

This year the special theme of the conference is the next frontier in cancer care that aims to showcase the most innovative methods of treatment, while at the same time confronting the urgency to balance the delivery of high quality cancer care with costs. Cancer & Personalized Medicine Conference will offer a platform to discuss new models of care delivery and reimbursement that emphasize value.

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